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Smart car with wireless charging on road


First EV Wireless-Charging Public Roadway

Detroit has unveiled a pioneering electric vehicle (EV) technology advancement – the nation's first wireless EV-charging public roadway. This innovative installation, found just west of downtown Detroit, embeds copper inductive charging coils beneath a quarter-mile section of 14th Street, enabling EVs (equipped with compatible receivers) to charge while parked or driving over these coils.

As part of a collaboration with the Michigan Department of Transportation and Electreon, the city aims to refine the technology for broader public use within the next few years. Recently, demonstrations took place at the Michigan Central innovation district, showcasing the technology alongside Ford Motor Co.'s self-driving vehicle projects.

How Wireless EV Charging Works

This groundbreaking development is heralded as a significant stride towards facilitating widespread EV adoption by addressing key challenges such as range anxiety, grid limitations, and battery costs. The inductive charging technology activates a magnetic field that charges a vehicle's battery as it passes overhead.

The magnetic field is only activated by compatible EV vehicles with the necessary receiver. This helps ensure the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, motorists, and animals.

Under a five-year partnership, the joint effort between the Michigan Department of Transportation and Electreon includes plans to extend this inductive charging capability to parts of Michigan Avenue. This initiative underscores Michigan's ambition to lead in EV technology innovation.

Are You Ready to Increase Your EV Charging Capacity?

If you're looking for safe at-home charging options for your new electric vehicle, DMH Electric Inc. is your partner in EV charging initiatives in the Greater Boston area. Our certified professionals can even install residential Tesla charging stations.

Benefits of having an at-home charging station for your EV include:

  • Convenience of charging your EV overnight.
  • Potential cost savings associated with off-peak charging.
  • Not relying solely on commercial fast-charging stations can help protect and even extend your vehicle's battery life.
  • Reduction in reliance on public charging stations.
  • Potential boost to your home’s resale value.

Commercial EV Charging Options

In addition to our residential EV charging solutions, we lead the way in commercial EV charging station installations. With strategic partnerships with leading brands such as ChargePoint and Loop Network, we offer top-of-the-line, innovative charging options for businesses and commercial properties. Because we are adept at working with a wide range of commercial charging brands, we offer unparalleled flexibility and reliability for our clients' specific needs.

Do you have questions about installing an EV charger at your home or business? Contact our team online to discuss your options.

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