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Faster, Secure Charging in Worcester County & Southern New Hampshire

You may spend hours at a public station that is unsafe and inconvenient when you could spend that time at home relaxing with your family. DMH Electric Inc. offers high-end EV Chargers in Sterling that provide a safe at-home charging station that helps you save money and protects your battery health. 

We don’t just sell a service; we build a partnership between our customers and licensed professionals. We started 30 years ago as a team dedicated to offering high-end residential electrical services and voted Best of Central MA in 2019.

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Benefits of at-Home Charging

Home charging allows you to spend time at home relaxing instead of waiting hours at a public station. 

Advantages of an at-home charging station also include:

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Cost efficiency
  • Better battery health

Charging at home is much safer than at a public station. Protect your car from being stolen or damaged by the weather. Don’t drive around on a low battery looking for a public station where you may have to wait in line. Make charging your electric vehicle stress-free with our expert EV chargers in Sterling. Investing in an at-home charger can increase the value of your home and save you money by allowing you to charge overnight and on weekends when electricity is cheaper.

Many electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries that last a long time with proper maintenance. Public stations want to serve as many customers as possible to increase their profits. Rapid charging increases the temperature of your battery for excessive and unnecessary wear and tear. At-home charging is still efficient without damaging your battery.

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Battery Storage for Electric Vehicles

Just like you may store extra gas for a lawnmower, you can create battery storage for your electric vehicle—backup battery systems are often used to supplement EV chargers during peak power usage or in case of a blackout. As electric cars become more commonplace, our electrical grid may become overwhelmed. With battery storage at your home, you can charge your car during a power outage, so you always have a reliable vehicle. During peak hours of electrical usage, you can save money by using battery power created from renewable energy sources.

Pairing energy storage with public charging stations can lower demand charges to lower costs and increase profit. You can charge more cars with stored power during peak hours instead of relying on the grid. Back-up energy storage also offers security to communities with high electric vehicle demand. In case of a blackout, the stored energy can ensure customers aren’t left stranded. As a business, you can use natural energy sources like solar power, wind, and thermal energy to sustainably charge electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle charging stations are a simple investment into a sustainable solution for yourself or your customers. Battery storage puts you above competitors with renewable energy sources and consistent power during a blackout. Gas vehicles are becoming a thing of the past, so join the movement towards electric cars with at-home charging and battery storage in case of a power outage.

DMH Electric Inc. has spent 30 years providing our customers with trustworthy electrical services. Our professionals are trained and certified in advanced electrical installations, so you can count on us for expert EV chargers in Sterling.

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